Comic Book Club

Altura Elementary will be hosting a comic book club for our older students in 4th and 5th grade. The club will teach students how to read comic books and comic strips. The students will focus on literacy skills and learning how to read and comprehend sequential art stories. We will read a variety of comic material, starting with comic strips like Calvin and Hobbes before moving into comic books and even full length graphic novels. Once the students have learned to read and comprehend the material, we will learn how to create our own comics. We will learn how to create basic comic panels and how to make our art tell a story. By the end of the club, it is our goal to have each member create their own short comic book. Comic Book Club will read a variety of comic material based on the kid’s interest to help show students in the club that their is a comic for everyone.
Comic Book Club will be held on Wednesday nights starting on September 7. The club will be held in the library at Altura Elementary from 3:05pm until 4:30pm.  Club fee is $5.  Please see Mr. Foucht for details.

We will be providing all materials, including the comic books and other reading materials. Students will receive their own copies of some of the comics we read to take home and start their own collection.

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