Welcome back Wildcats!  We are so excited to begin our year with a strong spirit of community and collaboration. Many of our teachers were able to stop by and say hello to you during our home visits this month.  We saw many more of you at the mall and Altura's Friendly Village backpack giveaways, and of course it was a great night at our Back to School Night BBQ!   We hope to continue such strong parent involvement as we move into September.  Our first Parent Action Committee (formerly known as PTO) will be held after school on September 7th.  Our first Parent Coffee will be held on the morning of September 8th, and our first Parent Accountability Meeting will be held the evening of September 12th. There are lots of different ways to get involved and we need your voice to be heard in order to  keep making Altura the best school it can be for your students and your family.

We also hope you are beginning to enjoy the new playground equipment!  The swings, basketball hoops and official size soccer nets were funded through your bond dollars.  Although the playground is for students only during school hours, they are there for your family and the community to enjoy after school and on the weekends.  

Finally, we are truly excited to see the academic growth of our students!  We have some great data to share, especially in the area of reading.  Come to our first Parent Coffee to learn more about our student data and our school wide goals.  Thank you for working with your students at home. Their improved abilities are showing!

As always, please feel assured that you can come to us with any questions or concerns.  Your teacher should be your first line of communication, but know that the office is always here to meet your needs as well.

Looking forward to another great school year,

Jennifer Harrington, Principal


Important School Information for Parents and Students: