February 2018

Parents and Guardians,

We are off to a fantastic start in the new year.  Attendance is on track and students are engaged and working hard.  Thank you for getting your students to school on time. They love the rewards they receive for attendance and we see the increased progress and academic growth when they are here every day.  Please work on ensuring that they are arriving by 8:30 in order to beat the 8:35 tardy bell.  We would also appreciate your help in making appointments after school whenever possible.  We have begun our mid-year language testing for students who speak a language other than English with ACCESS testing in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English for K-5 students.  Quarterly interims and iReady diagnostics for reading and math will be at the end of February and beginning of March and CMAS (formerly known as PARCC) will be right after spring break in April.  Give your students the chance to show what they know by being present to take the test and to avoid interruption to new learning when make-up tests have to be given.  Each teacher uses this data to determine how to best work with your students and the entire school looks at the data to determine programming and resource needs.  We truly appreciate you valuing and making this time of year important in being ready to learn each and every day.

Jennifer Harrington, Principal


Important School Information for Parents and Students: