World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

Our Annual World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser will kick-off on Monday, January 27.  We will hold a kick-off assembly at 2:30 in the gym.  Flyer packets will come home the day of the kick-off. Students will only receive chocolate to sell if they have had a permission slip signed by a parent. 

This fundraiser is sponsored by PTO and is the largest school-wide fundraiser we hold each year.  We have supported field transportation for all grade levels, curriculum, attendance incentives, Super Star Breakfast, purchased 3 portable shade structures, Girls and Boys on the Run, Spirit Awards, Blue Tree App annual fee, Space Foundation Field Trip, Spring Formal, Field Day, staff appreciation, and so much more!  Please consider supporting our school by buying or selling chocolate during this fundraiser.

Please note***Students that still owe money from the last fundraiser will not be able to take chocolate until their debt is paid in full.***

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