Dear Parents and Guardians,

The weather is changing, our last break is upon us, and CMAS testing is quickly approaching.  It’s always incredible to me how fast the school year goes, but it’s also exciting to see how much your students have grown.  It is fun to watch the thinking and learning going on lately as I visit classrooms.  They are learning to not only read and solve math problems, but they are beginning to justify their answers or argue a different way of thinking.  Students are creating, persuading, and presenting their learning.  These are the skills that create lifelong learners with unlimited opportunities in front of them.  As we move into April, it is time for students to “show what they know” and not only excel on end of year and state testing, but to begin considering their strengths and what areas might appeal to them in the future.  Be sure to look for information about our Career Day in which parents are invited to see what students are learning at school and for students to begin exploring the possibilities that their education can provide leading to the workforce or higher education possibilities.  Please continue to do the great work of parenting as you get your students to school on time each day and encourage them to make good personal and academic choices and we wrap this year up strong.

Jennifer Harrington, Principal


Important School Information for Parents and Students: