Altura Positive Behavior Principles

Altura has an active reward system in place called Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS).  We have 4 core values that are represented by the letters R.O.A.R.  The core values are:

  • R = Responsible -  I act with honesty and integrity. I am prepared and in charge of my own behavior.
  • O = Outstanding - I persevere and work toward excellence in everything I do, even when it’s challenging.
  • A = Always Safe - I make choices that keep me and others safe!
  • R = Respectful -    I take pride in myself, my attitude, my environment, and the way I treat people.

When you are in the building, you will hear staff and students talking about appropriate R.O.A.R. behaviors at school.  When students are seen using these behaviors, they are rewarded with R.O.A.R. tickets.  The students can then use their tickets to purchase items at the Wildcat Warehouse.  The Warehouse is open every school day for students and is run by our student council members.  Classes can earn class rewards called R.O.A.R. paws by showing class-wide appropriate behaviors in the common areas of Altura.  When a class earns  paws, they have a Paw Party at the end of the day where they get to do a special activity. 

Use the R.O.A.R. values at home!  What can your student do to show these same values for you?