School Performance

September 30, 2022

Dear Families,

Each school in Colorado is assigned an overall school performance rating every year based on student performance and growth on state assessments. Graduation rates and college matriculation are also considered for high schools. Following the assignment of performance ratings, each school is required to develop a Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) that outlines targets for performance outcomes and strategies that the school will implement to improve academic outcomes for students.

Based on our school"s performance and growth on the state assessments given last spring, our school earned a Turnaround status based on low-performance in the areas of Does not meet in both English Language Arts and Math. Attached is the complete Transitional School Performance Framework report that describes how our school has been evaluated. Our UIP will provide us with a focused improvement plan, including an analysis of student performance data and a detailed action plan. The plan must incorporate ideas and feedback from parents, be approved by the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education, and be submitted to the Colorado Department of Education on or before October 26th for review. To meet that deadline, our UIP has been updated and reviewed for the past several months.

Our School Accountability Committee has held a public meeting to gather input from parents concerning the development of the plan on Sep 29, 2022, at 3:15, in the Altura Conference Room. Prior to adopting a plan, our school board will hold a public hearing on October 25, 2022 at 6 pm at the APS Professional Learning & Conference Center (PLCC), 15771 E. 1st Avenue, to review the plan. For more information, please contact Lori Stack, Director of Accountability and Research at 303-326-1985, ext. 28288.

You can learn more about Colorado"s school accountability system here: If you have any questions about our overall school performance rating or how you can get involved in our improvement efforts, please contact me.


Monique Davis, Principal

Letter from the Principal in English and Spanish